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You should look at least blank seconds ahead of your car

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Learn more. You must drive a safe distance behind a vehicle travelling in front of you. Following another vehicle too closely is known as tailgating. If you tailgate you may not be able to safely stop in time to avoid a collision.

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You agree to a test of your breath or blood, if a police officer has reasonable grounds to determine if you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Shared Flashcard Set. Description driving test for liscense. Total Cards Subject Driving Skills. Level Not Applicable. Create your own flash cards! Sign up here. Supporting users have an ad free experience! Flashcard Library Browse Search Browse. Create Account. Additional Driving Skills Flashcards.

Term When following a fire truck, how far do you have to stay from it? Definition No closer than feet. Term What percent of collisions involve alcohol? Term What is the fee of parking in a handi cap spot? Term What is the speed limit in a school zone? Definition 20 mph. Definition -flow -right. Term Who has the right of way on crosswalks or intersections painted or not?

Definition Pedestrians. Term How many seconds ahead should you look when driving on the freeway? Definition 10 seconds. Term What does a regulation sign look like? Definition White rectangle, black letters. Term How many feet before a turn do you put your signal on? Definition feet. Term When passing a car, what must you see before returning to the lane?

Definition The bumper of the car you are passing. Term Single broken line means? Definition You can pass a vehicle or change lanes if it is safe. Term Solid line with broken line means? Definition If the solid line is close to you, you cannot pass. If the broken line is close to you, you can. Term Difference between yellow and white lines? Definition yellow- opposite traffic white- same way traffic. Term Double solid lines means?

Definition You cannot pass, either side. Term When can you drive off the paved roadway? Definition Never. Term When crossing a railroad track and you cant see train for ft, the speed limit is? Definition 15 mph. Term What do you do if you start hydroplaning? Definition Decelorate, and go straight. Definition 10 to Term When is the freeway most slippery? Definition The first day of rain after a dry spell.

Definition Headlights. Term Use high beams when:. Definition There is no oncoming traffic. Term Unless otherwise posted, country roads are:. Definition 50 mph. Term Unless otherwise posted, city or town roads are:. Definition 25 mph. Term Unless otherwise posted, highway roads are:. Definition 60 mph. Term What do you do when your brakes stop working?

Definition Pump the break pedal several times. Term The implied consent law:. Definition You agree to a test of your breath or blood, if a police officer has reasonable grounds to determine if you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Term What is the single biggest contributer to collisions? Definition Failing to see what is happening. Definition Yes. Term On a multiple lane road, the far left lane is used only for:. Definition Passing other vehicles. Term Traffic control devices include:. Definition traffic signals, signs, pavement markings, roundabouts.

Definition same as a stop sign. Term describe a warning sign? Definition usually: yellow diamond with black letters. Term describe a slow moving vehicle sign? Definition reflective orange triangle. Term What is the fine for not following the traction advisory signs? Term What does a traction advisory sign mean? Definition Chains on tires are required. Term describe guide signs?

Definition green or brown rectangle with white letters. Term What does a guide sign tell you? Definition directions, distance to locations. Term describe service signs? Term What does a service sign tell you? Definition location of: rest areas, gas stations, campgrounds, hospitals. Definition Term 2 lanes traveling side by side in the same direction.

Definition right. Term Do drivers entering a roundabout hav to yeild to drivers already in the circle? Term If an emergency vehicle is coming? Definition Pull to the far right, and stop when you see the vehicle aproaching. Definition away.

Definition toward. Definition 20, Definition 5. Term if the curb is painted white? Definition You can only park there for a short time. Definition loading zone or some other restriction. Term Where should your hands be on the steering wheel? Definition left-between 8 and 9 right-between 3 and 4. Definition low beams. Term if you stop along the road at night, turn on your:.

Florida Speed Limits

When a man entertains adultery in his desire and thoughts and intends to consummate the act but fails did he incur any moral guilt and is he morally responsible. What are several trends that are occurring in computer peripheral devices and how do these trends affect business uses of computers. What is the English translation for chapter 13 in la chica de los zapatos verdes.

Speed causes many crashes. More drivers are convicted of speeding than any other offense. To avoid being fined or involved in a crash, obey the speed limits.

Explanation : Whenever you drive, you should make sure everyone in your vehicle wears a seat belt. In the event of a crash, a person without a belt becomes a projectile, and a danger to everyone else in the vehicle. Explanation : Your lane position should: Increase your ability to see and be seen. Protect your lane from other drivers.

Challenges of Night Driving

Scanning your surroundings keeping your eyes moving includes keeping a safe distance around your vehicle. When another driver makes a mistake, you need time to react. Give yourself this reaction time by keeping enough space on all sides of your vehicle. This space will give you room to brake or maneuver if necessary. To avoid last minute moves, scan the road 10—15 seconds ahead of your vehicle so you can see hazards early. Constantly staring at the vehicle or road right in front of your vehicle is dangerous. As you scan ahead, be alert for vehicles around you. Use your mirrors. Know what is behind you, so you can prepare for what is ahead.

California Driver Handbook - Visual Search

Following too closely or tailgating is one of the top reasons for automobile collisions. Tailgating is the fifth leading cause of auto collisions according to the US Department of Public Safety. You as a driver should keep a proper following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you took driver's ed a couple of decades ago, you were probably taught that you should leave one car length for every 10 mph of speed.

Drive slower when there are many vehicles close together on the road.

Visit MyFlorida. Good driving is based on practice and being alert at the wheel. When driving, you must make sure that nothing interferes with your ability to see the road, react to situations or operate your vehicle properly. You must look down the road, to the sides and behind your vehicle and be alert for unexpected events.

Best Ways To Drive In Traffic

Any time you make traffic maneuvers such as changing lanes or passing other vehicles, you are creating a risk for yourself and others on the road. So, unless it is needed, avoid making unnecessary traffic maneuvers such as continuously changing lanes or passing other vehicles. If you are approaching a vehicle in front of you that drives noticeably slower than the flow of traffic and speed limit, this situation can cause you a risk, and you realized that it is safe to pass the slow-moving vehicle, then it makes sense to pass that vehicle.

According to the National Safety Council, traffic death rates are up to three times greater at night than during the day. Highway maintenance vehicles, such as bulldozers, often move slowly on or next to the road. They are usually painted orange. Be prepared to slow down or stop for them. When you see orange equipment on the road, people on foot are often working nearby.

2.7 Managing Space

What do you see straight ahead? Perhaps a highway sign farther along the road. Maybe you see another vehicle changing lanes in front you. Not sure what that means? Now listen up children and also teenagers and adult drivers and whoever else is reading right now , you're about to be taught drivers ed skills that will blow your mind. Okay maybe not blow your mind, but still listen up, okay? Visual targeting is the act of surveying the road in front of you and understanding objects or situations you may come across as you move forward like highway signs, traffic signals and other cars.

Jun 1, - How many seconds ahead should you look when driving on the freeway? Always look _ to_ seconds ahead of your vehicle.

Post a Comment. Final exam study guide with multiple choice questions on Texas road signs and road rules. Safe driving behaviour - creating safe drivers on Road. How to drive defensively, traffic signals, rules and regulations, types of parking, traffic infraction points and fines. Vehicle speed limits, car repair, car insurance coverages, car maintenance, performance.

Visual Targeting Strategies While Driving

To be a safe driver, you need space all around your vehicle. When things go wrong, space gives you time to think and to take action. To have space available when something goes wrong, you need to manage space.

What are the rules of passing another vehicle?

You agree to a test of your breath or blood, if a police officer has reasonable grounds to determine if you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Shared Flashcard Set. Description driving test for liscense. Total Cards



Defensive Driving Tip 8 – Following Distance



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