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The old man who read love stories chapter 1

Antonio Bolivar Antonio originally moved to the jungle with his wife, Delores. Their relationship is not characterised by passion, with Delores instead suggesting that Those kisses are sinful. She does not manage to survive life in the jungle, dying two years after their arrival of a burning fever. The next phase of Antonios life begins with his survival after being bitten by a deadly snake representing his being chosen by the gods.

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The Old Man Who Read Love Stories - Character Analysis

Antonio Bolivar Antonio originally moved to the jungle with his wife, Delores. Their relationship is not characterised by passion, with Delores instead suggesting that Those kisses are sinful. She does not manage to survive life in the jungle, dying two years after their arrival of a burning fever.

The next phase of Antonios life begins with his survival after being bitten by a deadly snake representing his being chosen by the gods. The Shuar, who take him in, honour this survival by welcoming him into their world as: You are not one of us, but you are like us. They teach him to listen to the jungle and tread carefully in it, killing prey with poisoned darts. Although he manages to live with them for forty years, Antonio is not one of us as illustrated when he attempts to avenge Nushinos death.

He is expelled by the Shuar after failing to capture the courage of the fallen gringo choosing to shoot him with a gun rather than the poisoned dart which will preserve his facial expression as he dies. How can I shrink that head when in life it has been frozen in that mask of fear?

Antonio returns to El Idilio, living on the edge of the village in his hut overlooking the river. He cultivates the habit of reading, borrowing love stories from the mayors servant, Josefina. During this time, however, Antonios life is in limbo.

He is haunted by his failure of Nushino and his spirit, and seeks redemption for this. When he is asked to join the hunt for the jaguar, it is this desire that entices him he hopes to make up for his failures and make peace with Nushino through his dealings with the jaguar.

Simon Bolivar fought to free South America from Spanish colonial rule. How is Antonios place in his society illustrated in the film? Explain how he is viewed by the villagers of El Idilio. Antonio is frequently shot in the frame of a window why do you think this is? Why does Antonio read? Quote from the film. Josefina Josefina is the mayors servant, who is used by him to make The mayor treats her poorly, frequently shouting orders at her.

It is through Josefina that Antonio is introduced to love stories. Josefina acts as a kind of moral compass to Antonio; when his confidence wavers, it is Josefina we see reinforcing the fact that he is not a fool. She is beautiful, strong and passionate illustrated in her resolute attitude when leaving the mayor, stating I am not your slave.

What significant gift does Josefina give to Antonio? Josefina narrates the initial sequence in the film why? Rubicondo Rubicondo is the travelling dentist who ends up stuck in El Idilio for the rainy season after one of his affairs is discovered. Although his morals are questionable at best, he retains honesty about him he knows who he is and does not shy away from the fact.

Rubicondo frequently derides the mayor and is vocal about his distaste for the government. He is a genuine friend of Antonio and they share a life on the edge of civilisation. What does the need for a dentist in the jungle suggest about the civilisation there? How would you characterise him? Why does he frequently choose to help Antonio? The Mayor Slimy toad The mayor continually discusses his superiority over others, suggesting that it is the result of his education.

Despite this, he is unable to live in synergy with the jungle. He is frequently ridiculed by the inhabitants of El Idilio. His corruption is evident as he trades votes in the universal democratic election for bottles of Frontera rum.

Power is significant to him, as he continually expresses concerns about people reading, becoming revolutionary or getting ideas as On the hunt for the jaguar, he is unwilling to listen to Antonio or the other villagers and it is his recklessness that prevents them from capturing the jaguar at Alkaseltzers hut.

Describe the physical appearance of the mayor. What does this suggest about him? How does he behave in the jungle? Explain what the use of his character suggests about civilisation. Nushino Nushino appears to be the leader of the group of Shuar tribesmen who take Antonio in after his snakebite. He frequently appears in flashback, moving through the jungle with ease. He walks with an upright and dignified posture.

Although he wants to shrink the gringos head, he suggests that this is to save his spirit in the afterlife rather than to simply use as a trophy. Nushino appears to act as Antonios conscience, and it is his insights that Antonio reflects on for guidance.

At which significant moments do we see Nushino in the film? Why does he kill the sloth? How does Nushinos death change Antonios view of himself? Whilst not a character in the traditional sense, the jaguar is given human characteristics.

She is hunting the men who have She lures Antonio to her mate, so that he can put him out of his misery. After Antonio shoots the mate, we hear her howl of pain resonating through the jungle. The jaguar then proceeds to hunt Antonio, pissing on him when he hides under a canoe. Antonio ultimately kills her with a poisoned dart and sends her body down the river. Resources: Student tasks and materials Post-Colonial Narrative Colonialism is defined as the establishment, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of colonies in one territory by people from another territory.

Australia is a British colony and sovereignty was claimed over the land by the British. In the case of El Idilio, Spanish colonists sought to build a civilization, ignoring the rights of any native peoples already living in that area. Often, the literature that arises during a colonial period portrays the native peoples as disorganised and inhuman savages. Post-colonial narratives arose to challenge these portrayals. Sepulvidas novel, upon which the film is based, is a post-colonial narrative, highlighting tensions between colonial and native societies.

It explores the issues of language, displacement and authenticity - aiming to present a clear illustration of the existing cultures within an area. De Heer emphasises this throughout the film. It is important to consider the portrayal of the colonialists how well do they fit with the land? Do they seem natural within their environment?

What do they need to do in order to fit? De Heer is trying to tell us about the nature of the colonial past of El Idilio and challenge us to rethink our views on the nature of civilization. Describe the different ways that De Heer portrays the inhabitants of El Idilio. How does the setting challenge their western civilization?

Explain with detail. Magic Realism Magic realism is a key feature of much South American literature. Although the narrative is set in a real world with the constraints of reality, there is an element that transcends these boundaries. This magic allows for and helps to explain events that would otherwise be implausible. Throughout the film, the jaguar is used to portray this. It is humanised through its relentless search for those who have killed her babies. Thus, she is more human than animal, a character within the film.

The jaguar shares a connection with Antonio and their interactions are not those of a normal, wild jaguar. This is highlighted by De Heer to emphasise his values and privilege a point of view. When viewing the film, it is important to consider the role the jaguar plays in the shaping of the narrative. What is the purpose of humanising the jaguar? How does this connect to De Heers values what is he trying to say?

Explain how this connects to the issues and beliefs discussed through the post-colonial narrative. You are not one of us, but you are like us. Nushino to Antonio It was a kiss of impassioned intensity, a kiss to remember their lives by. Antonio, reading the end of the first novel in the film: To love and to be loved.

That is why you must go away sometimes, so that we can feel the sadness of not being able to talk to you. Nushino to Antonio The gods have accepted you, Antonio Bolivar. Nushino to Antonio Jibaro dont need the dentist. Eating plenty monkey meat. The jungle rots everything, even your memory. The mayor to Antonio I am too old for the jungle but at least I can read. Not thinking of starting a revolution, are you? The mayor to Antonio Here is to great suffering and happy endings. Antonio drinking the rum Now, lets go back and work out what that all means.

Antonio, after reading the first line of Lovers of the Forgotten Garden. A grief-crazed jaguar is more dangerous than 20 murderers put together.

The Old Man Who Read Love Stories

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Australian director Rolf de Heer's fondness for making films about isolated characters on the fringes of society gets an elegiac work-out in "The Old Man Who Read Love Stories," a gentle and immensely likable adaptation of the novel by Luis Sepulveda. By David Stratton.

Unable to return to his previous village, the poor forgive everything but failure, Antonio settles in the village of El Idilio the Idyllget a sense of how this. Honor, tradition, wisdom, all themes in a slight volume that readers will breeze through as danger mounts and admiration for the old man grows. Very nicely done. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Aug 21, - Old Man Who Read Love Stories. 1. The Old Man Who Read LoveStoriesRolf de Heer (); 2. The story The film is set in post-colonial.








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