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Look what you made me do gachaverse

I love it! Or save the complete design! I would use it a lot more than gacha studio! Can you add that to Gachaverse?

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Look What You Made Me Do -- Gacha Life -- New Oc!! --

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Look What You Made Me Do - GLMV Inspired by MiMiXD

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I love it! Or save the complete design! I would use it a lot more than gacha studio! Can you add that to Gachaverse? I would really love Gachaverse if you added nine-tails! The reason why I gave 4 stars instead of 5 stars was because the app keeps on crashing every time I go to props.

This is a great game to make characters and comics! You can also chat with others. It says I either have bad internet,or the database is down,and I have good internet.. So,may you please fix that?? So I love this game but when u go into chat u get a lot of errors and if u could fix that I would be very happy. The reason why I gave 4 stars instead of 5 stars was because the app keeps on crashing and freezing up so can you please fix that thanks.

I've had this game for a long time and I'm actually thinking of doing gachaverse videos. I'm on it all the time. The only problem is when I try to go in the chat space it kicks me out after only like a minute. It's not my internet I think you just need to fix that.

Thanks for the great game though! By freinds, Besties! Love it! Amazing artwork! Amazing everything! This game is good. I like the things that you could do in the game. One day, I was playing with my Gachaverse. I exit the game to eat my lunch.

And when I came back to Gachaverse, it just became black all the screen is black. Noting can be seen. But it was working before I exit the game. Please help me with this problem. So I make stuff that I really like and I want to save but I also want to make other characters without using my main character so maybe there can be like 3 save slots so I can save one then I go to the next slot and I do my other characters for a different roleplay and more character slots.

Pretty similar to the older games they have available. The options for making characters is pretty good, but could use more hair and eyes imo. Overall a cute game for making characters and scenes. Gacha is pretty cool, I like the characters and the different art styles. Some of them are wonky looking though so not sure how to feel about that.

The game has a massive amount of potential not a lot to do the moment but after a few updates anime lovers with be swarming to play this the customization is on point I love it. It doesn't make any sense! I just want to create a video for YouTube! And none of the screen recorders have a low enough iOS! That's just stupid!! I absolutely love Gachaverse. Only a slight problem See, my cusion is in absolute love with the app on my IPhone. Could you, the creators please, please, please, make it available on Samsung?

Pleasee it would mean the world to us! Thank you! I've been using this game for a while now and I just love it!

I only have a few suggestions: 1. Can you make it so we can buy more slots? I love the new decorations in the game,But I was hoping you could add more food items and maybe drinks that look like Apple Juice,Milk,Chocolate Milk,Lemonade,Would be really cool for stories and edits!

I love the hair with animal ears,But can you add goat ears? My sister has a OC that's half goat so this came in mind. Can you make it so the characters can be facing backwards like you can't see there face? Or be standing still looking at the screen directly? That's all I have to say,but I truly do love this game and I honestly have not a lot of bugs!

I would love this update and I hope others would too. The game is great. The graphics are fantastic. Also skits can only have 2 characters on screen can you add the ability to have 4.

I never made characters before and I love anime so it awesome with that! Keep updating and stuff! See ya later or read ya later Yea bad joke well bye! But since I use my sisters phone,and he deletes the game,so I would really like if you could make the game work on the Apple Mac book computer as well, or make a save thing and a code for each design, and another idea, maybe you could change it so we can make our own codes and clothes,like make a heart or a star on it!

I would give it 5 stars if there were more character slots. Love that it instantly saves, love props and the customization options! There is one tiny thing I would like to suggest. I hope you see this, thank you for making this app, and goodbye! I have a suggestion for the game, maybe you could make it so we could make the characters mermaids?

I see a lot of tails but none are really mermaid like and I want to make a mermaid character. This is a really good game! Pros: -Great amount of customizable parts! Other than that, great game! I love this game a lot I love making YT videos with it it's things and skits two! Also, who ships Female Luni and Reed? I love this game make your characters BUT you need to make it so we can play! I would like if you add earrings. Ok so this is a great game. Now, with that being said, I just have one suggestion.

I have my OCs on the bottom plus one on the top, that leaves only 3 character slots left! Add more character slots please!! Okay so pretty much instead of just chatting make it so we can actually roleplay with our character.

This is, of course, the best of all the Gacha games so far. It combines features players loved in Gacha Studio, and made customization and skit making oh-so-much better. It seems that it will also soon include a fighting feature that may be similar to Gacha World, and it will improve on that feature as well. Overall, the game has lovely art and a great skit making system. If you are simply looking to make awesome skits, custom avatars, and comics, this game is for you!

However, there are a few things that if they were fixed, would make the game a lot better. For example, the gacha unit character descriptions, most use really awful grammar and occasionally have a confusing character backstory. This makes the descriptions and attack moves for the units difficult to understand and really diminishes the whole aspect of unit characters. If the developer hired an editor or edited each backstory themselves and corrected them, it might make the experience for players a lot cleaner, and make the characters much more interesting.

I hope this review was helpful to those thinking of getting the game, and if the developers read this response, to you as well. Have a groovy day.

When I first joined I had no problems with my chat but now my chat is messed up if I join a chat then I am lucky cause it never works and nothing is wrong with my acc. I have been playing Gachaverse since the start but every time I try to chat my game lags out!

I just wanted to point that out. Every time I try to get in it says an error occurred. I want to use the chat and meet people so please fix it also please add an option to take a picture of your characters. I love this app it is so much fun but I wish there were more stuff like clothes, shoes, hats, hair etc but it is a GREAT app.

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OMG its finally done!! Everyone did so amazing thank you so much to everyone who took part!

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Gachaverse// (Mini Movie)The Hated child Becomes a Princess? If the boys turned into babys (gacha life) Look what you made me do ||GLMV|| - YouTube.


Look What You Made Me Do


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