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How do i get a girlfriend at allen kota quora

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I was a regular student of two year classroom programme , since class XI of Vibrant Academy. I am truly grateful of all the Directors who taught me. They always focused on guiding us to perform our best I have been a regular student in Vibrant Academy since class IX. I would like to pay special thanks to the Directors who guided me at every step of JEE preparation and encouraged me to work hard.

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Drugs, sex, stress: Why Kota may be a bad place for your child

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The Truth of the Engineering Entrance Exams. That reminds me to give you one more warning and one more tip. I was never good in studies and never followed all the suggested textbooks — H. Verma, Loney, or M. All the engineering exams in India have objective, multiple-choice questions MCQs with four answers to choose from. You have to just circle the correct bubble.

If they turn out to be correct nobody gives it a damn! But sensible guessing can help you get the best of it. This is done to make sure that students do not get marks merely because of probability. Multiply it by 3 and you will get 75 marks. Deducting one mark for each incorrect answer will mean that you lose 75 marks. The net difference will be Zero. In questions which have answers in numerical values, stay away from the extremes. If you have already crossed out two incorrect answers, gamble on one of the two options in which you are confused.

Use other tips here while choosing your pick such as the first one mentioned above. Never leave such questions un-attempted. Study the marking scheme closely and also read the instructions given in the question paper carefully.

There are questions where they play on units and values. Choose the unit mentioned in three options and choose the value that has been mentioned twice. Also see that the value 60 is mentioned in both Celsius and Kelvin. Hence, most probably it will be the right value. Just put in the extreme values of the set in the function and see if they satisfy the answer. In this question, you can put 0 and 4 for x and 2 and 5 for y. You will be able to get the correct answer — d in this case. I wonder whether administrators put such questions only to mock students who actually solve them.

Sometimes the options given as answers are just so laughable! Just the dimensional analysis of the weirdest questions will lead you to the correct answer — quickly and accurately. Its field values are given as B and E. The options are given as:. We do not need the square root as it will lead to the root of velocity too. So, our answer is c in this case. You have to find the expression for Pressure on a Bubble of Radius R in a container situated at H height from the ground level.

The water in the container is up to height L. The dimensional analysis will tell you that the first option is not correct. Similarly, the second option too gives you a dimension of Pressure per Unit Area and not just Pressure.

Put these two values in the equations and you will find the correct answer — d in this case. Simply, put in these values and check whether they fit in. It is most likely to be a high-level question. Put 1 as the value of n. Solving the equations you will get 0 for a , 1 for b , 1 for c and 0 for d. Hence, we can rule out a and d. Now we put 2 as the value of n.

Hence, the correct answer is b. These are the favorite questions of JEE administrators. They have complex orientation and you will have to find one of the variables.

Just assume that two or more of the arbitrary values are zero, one or some other easy value and check your options again. Assume some easy values for m, x, and n. You will get y as the fourth root of Approximate it as the square root of 5 since 5 is the square root of Hence, it can be roughly calculated to be 2. Put these values in the equation. Put zero or 90 as the value of the plan and see which of the answers satisfy the condition.

You can apply the same logic to find Moment of Inertia about a random axis. Find Moment of Inertia M. I of a rod along an axis at theta degrees from its length passing through the centre:. We know that the M. I of a rod along its length is zero. So if? Also, the M. I of a rod perpendicular to its axis for? So, a is the correct answer. Modern Physics with its atoms, nuclei, radiation and all cannot be just ignored. It fetches you as much marks in IIT entrance level exams and you hardly need more than a day or two to understand it all.

Just cram up all the formulae. It might seem like a trivia but it really works in many cases. Despite what they say about these topics, you need a number of hours or perhaps days and even weeks to really master these two topics. And what do they yield — only 2 or 3 questions at the most.

In the same amount of time, you can probably master several other topics and get your hands on marks worth of questions. So, I will suggest you to touch these topics only when you have extra time and have finished with the rest of your preparation. Many argue are trigonometric methods can help you solve a number of questions.

But what these main questions need are just the basics, which you will probably learn on your own between your school classes, homework, coaching classes, and assignments. For real expertise, you have to be really geeky and nerdy. So, keep your hands off it until you have mastered the rest. I wonder why no coaching institute pays much attention to this introductory chapter on Measurements. It is so easy and you get at least three questions from Dimensions, Approximation and finding Maximum Error sections.

Make sure you understand it clearly. Read the study material, go through the answer keys and check past year papers with solutions. And I, as usual, did not pay attention to what they said.

So, here are my words of wisdom: Consider NCERT books as the books from where questions will be lifted from — directly. I know what they say about always listening to your heart. So, let the mind decide which answer to tick and ask the Heart to just be the Motivator for the three hours when you are taking the test. Use these tricks to derive the answers to the questions in topics you have not studied yet and check your score! No matter what happens, never lose your confidence.

Whether it is during preparation, during exam, or after the exams, keep your spirits high. It will just confuse you and stress you out in the last minute.

And get at least six hours of sleep the night before the exam. All the best for your JEE exams! I hope these tips help you in cracking the exam. If you like what we are doing, follow us on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Allen or a Suicide Den: Why so many students commit suicide?

Stuti Khandwala from Surat has achieved a rare feat. Check out her impressive scorecard here. Her list of success and accolades is immense.

The Truth of the Engineering Entrance Exams. That reminds me to give you one more warning and one more tip. I was never good in studies and never followed all the suggested textbooks — H.

On 28th April, the year-old IIT aspirant jumped to her death from the top of a five-storey building. Just the day before, she had cleared the first stage of the IIT entrance exam. Tripathi is only one of the seven students in Kota to have ended their lives so far this year, but her story was different from most others: She wasn't led to suicide because of failure or the fear of it. It is this aberration that has upset the internal logic of the Kota universe. The Indian Institutes of Technology were conceived as a post-independence nation-building project, "representing India's urges, India's future in the making", in the words of the first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, in

Drugs, sex, stress: Why Kota may be a bad place for your child

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IIT Success Stories From A Dropout

I was expecting worse. Kriti scored marks in the JEE Mains results declared on April 27, which was 44 marks higher than the mark cut-off so her suicide set off speculation about the cause. All the noise in my head and the hatred in my heart, hatred for myself, is maddening. Read Kota suicide: year-old wrote 5-page letter, wanted to do BSc. She said no one in the world knew her story.

Giving a plausible explanation to this; I am from a small town Balasore, Odisha and back in , less than students from Odisha used to get into IITs.

The toppers were my source of inspiration," he admits while talking to Catch. Based out of Nadiad, a small town in Gujarat, Shah always performed well in academics, scoring An only child, his father Sanjay Shah is a businessman who sells grains and mother is a home maker. In , like thousands of other engineering and medical aspirants, he shifted base to Kota, for dedicated preparation of medical entrance tests.

IIT Coaching in India For Students’ Bright Future – “VIBRANT ACADEMY”

Allen Career Institute provides accommodation facilities to the topper students with academic amenities. The fully furnished hostel facility is provided to the students by Allen. The hostel is mentored by the Directors and other faculty members regularly.

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Apart from being a coaching hub of the country that produces some of the brightest minds, Kota has also become the suicidal capital of India. As per a report by The Tribune, around 57 or perhaps more students committed suicide in the coaching centers of Kota, an industry that is worth Rs. Almost two lakh students enter the city to achieve their goal and fulfill the promises given to their parents. Though they ignore or fail to take little note of the mere 3 percent of success rate caused by the competition and hanker for an IIT or government medical college seat. The government had foreseen IITs as a part of post-Independence nation-building project. These institutes were established to give birth to well-equipped educational temples of modern India. Today, they have attained an individuality and have also become a victim of flawed education policies and a house for middle-class aspirations.

Feb 11, - He took admission in classroom coaching of Allen Kota. In , he secured AIR 6 in Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KYPY).


Allen Kohinoor Hostel Scheme Eligibility & Scholarship Details


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