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Pen Pals 101: How to Find and Keep a Pen Pal to Practise Your Language Skills

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When I was in fifth grade, my family moved to a Cincinnati suburb from Illinois. I knew the only way I was going to keep in touch with any of my friends was to write them letters. I soon discovered there was nothing quite as exciting as getting mail, scrawled penmanship and all, addressed to me. This week is Universal Letter Writing Week , which seems like as good a time as any to get your kid their first pen pal. According to Very Well Family :. It also fosters the ability to search for and find common bonds, a key element of true friendship.

Plus, there are some privacy controls in place: Minors can block adults and users can block entire countries. The site boasts 2. Testimonials on the site range from teenagers to senior citizens. Rainy, 14, from India, says:.

I wrote this message simply to thank you for creating this wonderful site. This group, which has been around since , has more than ,00 members across countries.

It can match your child with another child of the same age. Please note that this particular service requires an age-based fee.

Program membership lasts for one year and your child will be connected with multiple potential pen pals. A number of private pen pal groups also exist on Facebook to help parents find snail mail friends for their kids. International Pen Pals For Kids! Posters share photos and descriptions of their kids, including details like age, interests and locations.

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Where to find a Pen Pal

Have you ever considered that the greatest friend you may ever have could be someone you have never met, living in a country you have never visited? International Pen Friends has over International Pen Friends was established in and since that time we have processed over 2 million application forms.

When I was in fifth grade, my family moved to a Cincinnati suburb from Illinois. I knew the only way I was going to keep in touch with any of my friends was to write them letters. I soon discovered there was nothing quite as exciting as getting mail, scrawled penmanship and all, addressed to me.

Updated: March 29, Reader-Approved References. Writing to a penpal can be a deeply enriching and rewarding experience - one that can make you a friend for life. Thankfully, the Internet has made finding one a much easier experience due to the proliferation of penpal websites. Using some discretion and foresight can allow you to pick the perfect penpal and create a lasting friendship. Before you start searching for a penpal, decide on the kind of penpal you want.

How to Find a Modern-Day Pen Pal

But where does one find a pen pal these days? Well, luckily, the internet has actually made finding a snail mail friend much easier than it used to be. As a child, I wrote to other kids I met on holiday. As a tween and early teen, I searched on Teletext. Then as a teenager and young adult, I turned my attentions to the pen pal sections in the music magazines I read. However, all of those letter friendships dropped off one way or another and I stopped letter-writing for many years. I now have several pen pals again though, most of whom I found online, and once I started looking, I found out it was a whole lot easier than I expected. Below are three large websites I came across during my quest, which I personally found useful and hope you might too:. Interpals has been helping people make new friends around the world since !

These Websites Connect You With Pen Pals Around the World (Video)

Remember being a kid and thinking getting mail was the most exciting thing ever? Even now, we still get excited to see a wedding invitation or holiday card — or the very rare letter. Plus, writing by hand can have several benefits , including a calming effect on the brain, improving coordination and inspiring creativity. And for kids, pen-palling with someone across the country or the world can be an exciting way to learn about a different lifestyle or culture from a faraway friend.

You don't need to travel to make new friends. Self-isolation and shelter-in-place orders mean, among other things, that wanderlust is at an all-time high.

Finding a pen pal is a great way to connect with people from other parts of the world, to learn a foreign language, and to open yourself up to a new culture. Of course, these days we have Skype and email, which make connecting with others around the world much easier. But the desire to connect with people in different countries has been around far longer than the Internet!

International Pen Friends - Snailmail Penfriends From Around The World

E-mail: Password:. PenPal World - website - a place where you can meet over 2,, pen pals from every country on the planet. PenPal World Features Connect with people all over the world Your own mailbox Add friends to your profile Upload your photo to your profile Leave comments for others Powerful search engines All profile pictures are reviewed Paid VIP Membership available You Are In Control Minors can block all adults Block users or entire countries Update your profile in real-time Easily report inappropriate messages Pause your profile Cancel anytime, no obligation.

Log In. New to PenPal Schools? Already have an account? Learning is better together! PenPal Schools connects half a million students from countries to practice writing, create original projects, and make friends from around the world.

How to Find a Pen Pal for Your Child

And the one reason you might consider getting a P. Perhaps you're feeling nostalgic for your summer camp days or simply looking for a reason to revive the art of snail mail. Either way, finding a pen pal can be a great way to fulfill these cravings and get a whole slew of letter-writing perks. In fact, more research shows that in today's digitally-driven world, taking the time to hand write anything-from a journal entry to a thank-you card -can provide you with real physical and mental benefits like improved memory and lower levels of anxiety. Finding a friend to mail letters to is also a fun way to meet people from around the world, learn about different cultures, and maybe even work on your foreign language skills. And while social media and the power of the Internet have made it easier than ever to connect with someone overseas in real time, there's nothing quite like connecting through ink on paper. Ready to find your snail mail buddy? Here are a few ways to get started, plus a few tips to remember before starting your search.

On InterPals, a pen pal is more than just a friend for letter writing! partners, meet friends for cultural exchange and find travel partners and travel buddies.

Improve your students' English with Penfriends. We inspire schools to connect, share letters and practise their skills in a safe and fun environment. Give your students the confidence to succeed in English and make English language penfriends by registering today. Connect with another school and find English-speaking pen pals to start exchanging cards with their students. We believe learning English should be an exhilarating experience.


We want to thank you for all of your support. We hope our app gave you the opportunity to meet awesome people around the world. We built this app as an outlet for those who found other social networks to be a one-way conversation or an influencer popularity contest.

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