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Diverse Pathways to Parenthood: From Narratives to Practice is a timely contribution to the study of reproduction and parenthood. By presenting individual narratives focused on reproduction and parenthood, this book successfully translates empirical research into practical, applied outcomes that will be of use for all those working in the fields of reproduction and parenthood. Including recommendations for fertility specialists, educators, child protection agencies, reproductive counselors, and policy makers, Diverse Pathways to Parenthood: From Narratives to Practice is a vital new resource that will help guide practice into the future. As a contribution to the field of critical kinship studies, this book heralds new directions for the study of kinship, by revisiting as well as reimagining how we think about, research, and respond to a diversity of kinship forms. Damien W. He is the author of over publications in the areas of gender, family, and mental health, including Working with transgender young people and their families: A critical developmental approach Palgrave,

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Beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials came out as a transgender woman in an emotional new video

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A year-old Minnesota woman whose quest for internet fame took a tragic turn when she fatally shot her boyfriend during a stunt apparently intended for YouTube has pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter. But the bullet went through the book and entered Mr.

Over the next several days, Ms. Perez and the YouTube videos she had previously posted with her boyfriend garnered much attention — but not for the reasons she had hoped. On Friday, Ms. Perez entered her guilty plea, according to court records. Local media reports said that a plea agreement called for Ms.

Perez to serve days in jail and spend 10 years on supervised probation, though The Pioneer Press said a judge would have the final say on her sentence. Reports also said that the plea agreement prevented Ms. Perez from making money off the video of the shooting and also barred her from possessing firearms for the rest of her life.

Prosecutors expect her to be sentenced in February. Had she been convicted of second-degree manslaughter at trial, Ms. Perez would go to jail for 30 days each year for the next three years and then become eligible to serve the rest of her six-month jail term on electronic home monitoring.

James Brue, the Norman County attorney, did not return emails or phone calls seeking comment on Tuesday night. The lawyer listed in court documents as representing Ms. Perez also could not be reached. Over the course of several weeks last spring and summer, Ms.

Perez and Mr. Those videos — of Mr. Ruiz climbing onto a tree branch and falling, for example, or of Ms. Perez feeding her boyfriend a doughnut covered in baby powder rather than powdered sugar — were then posted on a YouTube channel. In one, Ms. Perez and her boyfriend dreamed out loud about what it would be like for them to become YouTube stars with more than , subscribers. Ruiz said. On the evening of June 26, Ms.

Perez told investigators that she shot Mr. Ruiz from about a foot away while he held a 1. She described using a firearm that matched the gun found at the scene — a gold Desert Eagle. Perez told investigators, according to court documents. They state that he had set up one camera on the back of a vehicle and another on a ladder to capture the stunt. To help persuade her to pull the trigger, Mr. Ruiz had even shown Ms. Perez a book that he had previously shot himself, she told investigators.

In that case, she said, the bullet had not gone all the way through the text. Home Page World U.

Woman Who Fatally Shot Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt Pleads Guilty

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I am glad that I gave this a whirl. The tone of this autobiography comes across as lighthearted and very breezy but by the end some very important things are addressed.

Lilly Singh born September 26, is a Canadian YouTuber , comedian, talk show host, writer, and actress, who initially gained fame on social media under the pseudonym IISuperwomanII. In , Singh released her first film, a documentary chronicling her world tour, entitled A Trip to Unicorn Island. Singh was born and raised in the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario. Pearson Collegiate Institute in Toronto , where she returned as an alumna to visit her old teachers. She has explained that the name Superwoman was prompted by a childhood idea, making her believe she could do anything.

The Making of a YouTube Radical

The three-hour video, which currently has more than 15 million views on YouTube, focuses on eight entrepreneurs, not one of whom is a woman. The oversight angered many viewers and led to allegations of bias against the filmmaker. Capital Works. I really love Dud, I watch all his shows, and the stars of his film about Silicon Valley are excellent examples for all of us. They motivate people to be successful. For centuries, society was set up so women were assigned the role of mothers, wives, and homemakers. All other roles and careers were for men. The Valley and all leading companies are now trying to change this imbalance. They did a study and it turns out that a lot more girls will sign up [for a major] if a woman is teaching.

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A year-old Minnesota woman whose quest for internet fame took a tragic turn when she fatally shot her boyfriend during a stunt apparently intended for YouTube has pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter.

In , Lazzarato began uploading video blogs onto streaming platform YouTube. Her videos achieved popularity and established an online following for her. During the following years, she uploaded regularly to her channel along with creating and starring in the reality program The Avenue —

Lilly Singh

Trisha Paytas has been an incredibly compelling character to watch on YouTube since she created her account blndsundoll4mj in For over a decade she's posted Mukbangs, hysterical personal vlogs from her kitchen floor, and gotten into more public feuds than maybe any other influencer. In her 12 years on the platform, Paytas has grown a following of 4.

Caleb Cain was a college dropout looking for direction. He turned to YouTube. Soon, he was pulled into a far-right universe, watching thousands of videos filled with conspiracy theories, misogyny and racism. A sampling of the more than 12, videos that Caleb Cain watched going back to , many but not all of which were from far-right commentators. Martinsburg, W.

One of the most popular beauty YouTubers finally shared her truth with her fans on Monday. Nikkie de Jager, known online as NikkieTutorials, announced she was a transgender woman in a coming-out video. De Jager, a Dutch YouTuber in the Netherlands, shared her transition story for the first time with her more than 12 million YouTube subscribers. She thanked her mother for being her biggest supporter and said her makeup channel started as she was completing her transition. De Jager, who became well known online for her "power of makeup" videos , has worked with celebrities like Jessie J and Lady Gaga and collaborated with brands like Too Faced to launch products. She also said that she had been blackmailed by people who wanted to leak her story to news outlets, adding that she was coming out because the opportunity to do so on her own terms had been taken away from her. De Jager said that she knew she was a girl ever since she was a child and that she had grown her hair out and started identifying as a girl by the age of 6.

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Promoted during a time of heated public debate over policies on abortion, sex education, teen pregnancy, adoption, welfare, immigrant reproduction, and child abuse, safe haven laws were passed by the majority of states with little contest. These laws were thought to offer a solution to the consequences of unwanted pregnancies: mothers would no longer be burdened with children they could not care for, and newborn babies would no longer be abandoned in dumpsters. Yet while these laws are well meaning, they ignore the real problem: some women lack key social and economic supports that mothers need to raise children.







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