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The women of K-pop are a formidable force: the biggest selling acts in the genre, after all, are female, and they appeal to guys and girls alike. From bubbly girls, to sex pots, to empowered ladies and divas, it's truly a mixed bag of incredibly sexy women. Here are our favorites. The 10 Sexiest Men in K-Pop.

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The 15 Hottest KPOP Girls in the Entire World

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K-Pop girl groups have become a global phenomenon thanks to their addictive melodies, production values, visually stunning choreography, and the exceptional beauty of their members.

Here's the list of top 10 most popular and beautiful K-Pop female idols who will make your jaw drop! With her beautiful glowing face, she even made it to the top prettiest idol ranks in the country. Also, she often appears in public with no makeup.

This beauty is not only the vocalist, lead dancer and face of the group, but she has also starred in TV dramas like Ugly Alert and Orange Marmalade ! In the past, she was a part of another Korean group called I.

I, which was formed through the survival show Produce This girl even made her solo debut in China! She has also made her debut in an acting career, starring in the historical mystery drama Miss Truth! Jeon So-mi, mainly known by her mononymous name Somi, became incredibly famous back when she was a member of the now disbanded Korean K-Pop group I.

The girl participated in such survival shows as Sixteen and Produce Now, she is promoted as a solo artist. Somi mesmerizes everyone who looks at her with her half-blood beauty and incredible dancing and singing skills! Her father is Dutch-Canadian and her mother is Korean. Today, her pretty face easily attracts people and gains her admiration. There are so many brands that want her to have as their model because of her visuals.

Back to the time when she was in school, she was constantly being bullied for being mixed. The gorgeous and charismatic actress, a sweet girl makes you love everything about her! And yes, she is not only a member of the popular K-Pop group and sweetest girl ever; she has also starred in many popular Korean dramas!

Also, Dayul competed on The Unit, the survival show. After some time, she decided to join the group Rocket Girl. Kim Ji-soo, mostly know as Jisoo, debuted as a member of Black Pink, the K-Pop girl group that is highly popular worldwide!

Not to mention her great personality and talent that earned her such success! Bae Joo-hyun , better known as Irene, is a member of Red Velvet. Apart from her group activities she is the leader in the group , she has also made her acting debut starring in Korean web drama The Female Employees of a Game Company, where she was a female lead.

K-Pop draws many international talents to come to the country and become real idols. With auditions held in different parts of the world, entertainment agencies discover more and more hidden gems. Tzuyu Is one of such gems! And once she became the part of the group, the fans went crazy from happiness! Which of the prettiest, most beautiful K-Pop female idols is your favorite? Make sure you vote for your favorite in the poll at the end of the list.

Share your thoughts with us, leave a comment below! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. All of them are beautiful. Each one has it's beauty, but I prefer Jisoo from them. But I am a little disappointed why Lisa isn't there 'cause she is the most beautiful of all them, anyone can say anything, but she is number one for me.

Tzuyu is really the most beautiful among all of those girl and also she was crowned as the most beautiful women in the world but irene and jisoo they just ranked in most beautiful kpop femalae idol not the most beautiful women in the WORLD but still tzuyu is the number one for me. Jisoo not being biased but she is really beautiful with or without makeup and I think I watched one of their tours and the vlogger said she looked like a barbie stand in the stage even though all of them are beautiful.

And yes Tzuyu is really pretty she had been blessed but I prefer Jisoo and Irene's beauty I love them all but for me I think it's Jisoo. Should ask who the most beautiful without makeup. I think the most beautiful Kpop female idols are the ones with makeup and still looks beautiful. I am a blink but i think tzuyu is the most beautifull idol in kpop i have ever seen even thou she is the most beautiful face of the world.

I agree that Tzuyu is number one because she has some stunning visuals not being biased here. I voted Jisoo but where are the other blackpink girls? I feel that they are all very pretty.

Not saying that having Jisoo only is not good but I think that the others should be added as well as they are all beautiful in their on ways :. Am i blink myself and jisoo is my bias but what tzuyu beats jisoo every time and it ok cause the girl is prettier than jisoo okk and all of the ladys there are pretty. And if u think im being biased here is my twice bias list jeongyeon momo mina dahyun sana jihyo tzuyu chaeyoung nayeon and my bp one jisoo lisa rose and jennie so u can see im not being biased so back of blinks plzz u cant say she is not pretty tzuyu.

This is so unfair every girl is pretty and beautiful, and where is Rose, Lisa and Jennie, they are pretty and cute too!!! Rose is the best vocalist even she has nasal voice her voice is awesome , and has very very perfect body,raps too cute, she can dance cool like Lisa Jennie is the best rapper too but she raps really cool in Korean, she's hot, even she's lazy and careless she can care reason why Jennie is lazy is that Jennie has motion deficiency , great dancer too Jisoo is the unofficial leader of BlackPink, she is the leader of variety and visual queen!!

Blinks dont get angry and stop hating on tzuyu you know right that tzuyu is the most beautifull face of so dont forget that and about the other blackpink members they are also very beautiful the reasion they are not here because there are more beautiful idols in kpop that you didnt know.

I must admit that there are all hot and pretty nice but I'm just thinking,,there's better than other,,Jennie and Lisa is one in the hottest female K-pop idol,,but why you didn't put them their,,instead having others that not really hot. Wait a minute why Lisa from blackpink and Jennie from blackpink and rose from blackpink is not their and also you should put them their because boys like them and also they think their hot.

I vote for somi because of her personality and hoe she didnt even have plastic surgery. She was also in sixteen the program that made twice. She is super talented and nice.

I have vote for irene because she is the best visual and face of the group reveluv forever sorry tzuyu and sorry somi. Sorry jisso,sorry eunbi sorry kyulkyung sorry everyone. Irene has top quality visuals in K-pop that I think is just unreal! Every K-pop female is beautiful in their own ways. I have been in love with Red Velvet since they have debuted because of the joy that they have brought to the K-pop industry. I am a big Once and Blink too. I would never compare Tzuyu, Jisoo, or Irene to each other because I love them both so much!

I only vote for Irene because not only is Irene good at her visuals but because she is not afraid to be herself, same thing goes for Jisoo, because Jisoo and Tzuyu are both really adorable. Since I have known Irene the longest I vote for her. Not just Irene that has visuals in the group either.

I know that Tzuyu gets a lot of hate because a lot of haters are a little jealous, can you please stop with the hate, for ALL the K-pop groups because they did not come here to receive hate from people but to also inspire them through music.

Tzuyu, Jisoo, and Irene are just as special as all of us. But where is Yoona? The nations visual? Where is Lisa she's really beautiful. Infact all black pink members are indeed very beautiful. Pls BLINKS don't clash on other groups if u think Jisoo or any other member is pretty just keep it to yourself or just comment the answer but don't send hate to other groups.

I cant beleive that blinks are so jealous that tzuyu is on top please blinks stop bad commenting and did you guys forget tzuyu is the most beautiful face of and lastly i love this ranking completly agree with post blinks dont forget lisa has done surgery.

What happen to when Lisa was saying Jennie is the prettiest? I feel sorry for Jisoo always trying hard to show shes the prettiest and her amazing vocal not appreciated by YG. Its just media pushing propaganda. If only YG knew what hes doing. Be it any one to talk about some one. You like some for some reasons but please stop comparing them.

They are beautiful in thier own. Everyone have different beauty standards and for me Jisoo is the prettiest. There is no such thing as normal face and everybody have different opinions on who is the prettiest. One less mean comment will make the world better and to be honest, everyone on this list is extremely gorgeous and once again, everyone have different thoughts on who is the prettiest. Irene from RV should be first!!! She's the most beautiful korean singer. U won't be able to see this beauty again!

Also check her IG to understand what I'm saying : renebaebae. Jisoo,Tzuyu,Sana and Irene are the most beautiful and cute girls. They should be the top girls of faces in South Korea. Where is Yiren from Everglow? Some kids are saying tzuyu is not supposed to be the first well listen mf Because they have a common face I've seen so many ppl woth their face.. Suzy is the 1st. They're all considered pretty and visuals of Korea but Suzy is the most attractive face of Korea.

The Truth Behind Being a Female KPOP idol

Once you see who the most beautiful girls in K-pop are, your jaw will drop! You might also be interested in voting the hottest guys in K-pop as well. Hot girls dancing around in short and tight outfits? Hot Korean girls dancing in cute pink outfits? Yep, spend some time on YouTube watching these hotties and surely you will become the biggest K-pop fan!

Growing up, girl groups seemed more synonymous with K-Pop than boy groups. We recently made a list for the best K-Pop boy groups of all time , and that was tough. This list was even harder.

Who says men are the only ones who can be ab goals? First on the list, we have Sandara Park! If Park Bom was in charge of legs, then Sandara was definitely in charge of abs. Can you say super-defined abs? The famous HyunA is body goals for so many different reasons.

List of South Korean girl groups

At the time of their fame, they were viewed as the female version of H. The band released six albums in Korea and five albums in Japan , demonstrating their bilingual talent. Also known as SNSD, this eight formerly nine member girl band represents a sweet, softer and effervescent side of K-Pop. Its music video was the first ever by a girl group to gain more than million views on YouTube. With Kelly. This quartet debuted in and go by the name of Fin. L , which stands for Fin Killing Liberty. The name represents what the group supported: being against the oppression of all freedom. It was suggested, however, that the record company had more to do with the decision rather than the girls themselves. L was one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups, selling over 2.

13 Cutest Female Idols of K-Pop

Xhyniie has been a Kpop fan since and a K-drama fan since She enjoys writing about the Korean entertainment industry. Kpop idols are not just musically talented, but are also naturally beautiful. These idols capture our hearts with their angelic faces and their love for their fans. Kpop fans are very lucky to have these idols.

K-Pop girl groups have become a global phenomenon thanks to their addictive melodies, production values, visually stunning choreography, and the exceptional beauty of their members. Here's the list of top 10 most popular and beautiful K-Pop female idols who will make your jaw drop!

K-pop girl groups refer to South Korea 's all-female idol groups who account for a large portion of the K-pop industry. Korean girl groups have aided in the global spread and promotion of Korean culture through their demonstrated prominence and popularity. Generally, they are known for their interesting concepts, catchy lyrics, point-choreography and fresh visuals. First Generation groups from the late 90s and early s such as S.

20 Of The Hottest Female K-Pop Idol Abs

Who is the prettiest female idol? Yoona — SNSD. Gahyun — ALiKE. Chaeyeon — DIA.

It is playing an imperative role in the economy of Korea by providing healthy entertainment to the audience not in its own country but in the whole world. The country is setting the stage for the perception of beauty with their stunning ladies; i. The Korean actresses are appreciated for their attractiveness, mysteriousness, and sexy look. However, Korean actresses could be of a big mystery for European spectators. They outwardly differ from the Hollywood actresses , and additionally a game manner.

Top 10 Best K-Pop Girl Groups Of All Time

But many overlook the fact that these idols, at least a majority of them, struggled a lot before they became famous. As such, for female idols, many of them struggle with being discriminated against for their gender. While it is true that both genders suffer some form of hardship, the differences vary greatly for female idols. Nevertheless, the struggles they face are worth the experience of becoming a famous KPOP idol. Most female KPOP idols have the dream of being a famous singer or dancer.

K-pop idols are incredibly known for having beautiful faces, so in no particular order, here are 15 gorgeous gifs of some of the prettiest.

Well, not only are these girls talented, well trained but they are also extremely beautiful! How do they do it? Is it that amazing Korean diet , beautiful skin from their step beauty routine, amazing natural genes? Who knows!







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